Kombucha Brewing for Beginners

Kombucha brewing for beginners- Philippine edition.

I have always loved tea and fermented food. So when I learned that a happy Venn diagram of tea and fermented food exists I became very, very pumped up.

Tea and fermented foods
Kombucha venn diagram

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha in the simplest sense is fermented tea. Being fermented like our favorite pickles, yogurt and kimchi, it imparts unique taste that is certainly one … Keep Reading...

Investing in the Stock Market for Beginners


Stock market investing used to intimidate me.

Before, when people say ‘stock market’ I automatically have a mental image of people yelling at each other while looking at red and green digits in a giant board with big numbers no one really understands. Fortunately, my understanding has come a long way from this.

Stock market and yelling people
Stock market is a room full of
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Millennials guide on Delayed gratification

How to better in Delayed Gratification- Adulting Millennial Master this necessary skill to SLAY your goals!

Delayed gratification sounds as enticing as a dentist appointment.

Hungry for burger and fries but don’t want to move a muscle? Call Mcdonalds delivery.
You want to see a specific show at 2am? We have Netflix for that.
Need to know something? That’s what the internet is for.

In a world of instant everything, delayed gratification can be scary, difficult … Keep Reading...

5 Frugal Things- May 2017

I have always been frugal. It is such an involuntary action that I usually don’t realize doing it. However, I am trying to practice mindfulness more, and why not extend it to my financial life? Being more conscious of the frugal things that I did can make me appreciate it more and inspire to come up with more frugal ideas … Keep Reading...

How to avoid lifestyle inflation

Avoiding lifestyle inflation to be financially free- SOONER!

Lifestyle inflation is simply put,  increasing spending when income increases. This continues every time income increases making it endlessly difficult to do other things with money like saving, investing or retirement planning. While walking or taking the bus used to be the only acceptable way to get around the city, you suddenly “need” that brand new car, with a sun … Keep Reading...

The power of the Emergency Fund

Why emergency fund is important AF

Your friend cheats with your boyfriend.

You confront your boyfriend but he hits you.

Your immediate supervisor verbally abuses you.

The big boss made a pass at you.

No matter how much your body aches to give them the finger, scream F-you and leave, you don’t.

Because your friend loaned you money for that exotic island trip last year.

Because … Keep Reading...